Have You Tried Turning It Off And Then Back On Again?

Most of us probably wish we knew a bit more than we do in this day and age, and it is not at all uncommon to find ourselves stumped by technical problems from time to time. For those of us who have recently become more active with computers, there is always the problematic spectre of something going wrong that you are not able to fix.

The person who said that we had to be careful how much we came to trust machines – for one day they would end up taking over the world – reckoned without the capacity for computers to break down without notice. As the prescient saying goes: “To err is human, but to really mess things up takes a computer”. Anyone who has ever lost thousands of words of work knows how true this can be.

It is important, if you have important information stored on your computer, that you back that information up – ideally using a CD-Rom or a floppy disk. Computers are like any other machine or tool – they do a lot of work that would be hellish to try to do manually, but they are perfectly at liberty to break at short notice, and if you are relying on this not happening you are trusting your luck.

Some problems – frozen screens being one of them – can often be fixed by simply switching the machine off at the mains and rebooting it. However, this is not good advice for the majority of computer problems. Calling the IT helpdesk of the manufacturer, consulting the manual and, if necessary, calling in a technician, are all necessary options to be sure that your computer won’t let you down.

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