Consumers Can Now Rent a Laptop in Dandenong Vic Using Centrepay

Consumers in Dandenong Vic can now rent a laptop easily using Centrepay. Easy Payment Options, based in Molendinar, Queensland, recently announced the new way for consumers to get the electronics that they need.
Richard van der Velde, a spokesperson for the company says, “We offer the option now for Centrelink clients to use Centrepay or direct debit to get the laptops that they need. Our easy application process shows just why renting is easy, convenient, and affordable option for everyone.”
More from the company on their quick and easy application process can be seen at Van der Velde says that their rental option is designed to give consumers more control and flexibility with their finances.
“There are more benefits than one could possibly list,” says Van der Velde with regards to why renting is a better option for some consumers than buying. “The point is that some consumers simply cannot afford the often outlandish purchase price of a brand new laptop. So, instead of needing to come up with hundreds of dollars upfront to buy, we offer them the option to rent for a much lower payment.”
He adds that the company does not charge expensive repayment expenses. Consumers who already have a laptop but need an upgrade will find that renting is a much more affordable option than many others that are available. Also, renting is a good option for those who prefer to pay for their laptop over time as opposed to having all of the money at once, but who may not want to involve their credit cards in the purchase.
“Credit card interest is expensive,” says one customer of Easy Payment Options. “This option, the option of renting, is a much more affordable one and makes so much more sense for me, a student, as coming up with hundreds of dollars for a new laptop purchase would have been difficult to say the least.”
Consumers who are interested can visit Easy Payment Options online at to get a good idea of all of the products that they offer. Van der Velde says that laptops are only one of the options that consumers have when it comes to renting products through their Centrelink accounts. The company also provides furniture and various other electronics and consumer products, all of which can be seen on the company’s website using the link provided.
Van der Velde says that the ability to rent a laptop helps consumers in a number of ways. Those who are planning to rent through the company can discuss a number of models and choose an agreement that fits within their budget and a laptop that meets all of their functionality requirements. Consumers can then set up their deductions through their Centrelink account using Centrepay or direct debit, whichever one they prefer.
The company states that the entire process is simply. Consumers just choose the product that they want and then fill in the appropriate paperwork for that item. Once the paperwork has been finalized, the consumer can take the laptop home with them immediately. There is no waiting for shipping or any other issues that could delay the consumer getting to use the laptop.
For a bit more information watch this video:
Those who are interested can learn more about the easy application process, as well as the payment options that are available through Easy Payment Options by visiting the company online. Their website outlines all of the details of their purchase agreements and gives customers a good look at all of the available laptop models and other products that they currently offer. The company also has an official Facebook page where consumers can interact with other customers or contact the company, as well as direct contact information on their website for those who have an issue or a question. Van der Velde says that they have helped many consumers to get the laptops that they needed for school, work or just general internet browsing and that they look forward to helping more in the future.Company ABN 44 010 413 215 – Australian Credit License 388677.

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